Amazon Quiz Answers Today and Win Exciting Prizes 2021

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 11th August 2021 is Live Now Where you can grab the chance to win some exciting prizes. You just need to enter your correct answer for all the asked Amazon Quiz (Question) and you can win prizes for sure on daily basis.

Amazon Quiz Answers Today and Win Prizes Everyday 2021

Amazon Quiz Answers Today and Win Exciting Prizes 2021

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Today’s Amazon Contest : Answer The Questions (Quiz) And Stand A Chance To Win Amazon 15000 Pay Balance

  • Today Amazon Quiz Prize : Amazon 15000 Pay Balance
  • Quiz Start Date : 11 August, 2021
  • Winner Announcement : 26th August, 2021
  • Prize Delivered : before 30th September, 2021

Amazon Quiz Answers To Win Amazon 15000 Pay Balance

  1. Quiz : Launched in 2021, the largest warship ever built for the Royal Navy of UK is named after whom?
    Correct Answer : Queen Elizabeth
  2. Quiz : Pulitzer Prize 2021 gave a specal citation to which young woman who took out her cellphone to record the killing of George Floyd?
    Correct Answer : Darnella Frazier
  3. Quiz : A recently discovered frog species found in the Andes Mountains has been named after which famous band?
    Correct Answer : Led Zeppelin
  4. Quiz : What was the nickname of the German fighter pilot who became famous for flying a plane like this in World War I?
    Correct Answer : Red Baron
  5. Quiz : This dance form originated from which country?
    Correct Answer : Spain


How Play and Win Amazon Quiz Contest

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  • Register or Sign In
  • Now Just Scroll Down and see the Banner of quiz
  • Now Click on banner button PLAY NOW
  • Just Give the following answers of the asked amazon quiz
  • now you will get a chance by lucky draw to win Exciting Prizes

Note : 1. if you are not seeing any banner just type “quiz” on search bar in your amazon app.
You will see Funzone Tab, Just Click That and Enjoy Participating.
2. Amazon Quiz can be played only Through Amazon Mobile App.


Amazon Quiz Answers To Win LG WASHING MACHINE

  1. Quiz : The steam engine of the first passenger train in India, will be installed in the premises of which railway station ?
    Correct Answer : Thane railway station
  2. Quiz : Nearly 70% of the 85000 H-1B visas, issued every year by the USA are used by professionals from which country ?
    Correct Answer : India
  3. Quiz : Which of these cricketers has received the Thar SUV courtesy Anand Mahindra, in return he sent his signed Gabba Test debut jersey ?
    Correct Answer : T Natarajan
  4. Quiz : In which of these Thor movies does this character have a major role ?
    Correct Answer : Thor: Ragnarok
  5. Quiz : This is the only eagle that is solely native to which continent ?
    Correct Answer : North America

Amazon Quiz Answers To Win IFB Neptune Dishwasher

  1. Quiz : The film Nomadland, stars which of these actresses in the lead role, who has won two Academy Awards ?
    Correct Answer : Frances Mcdormand
  2. Quiz : In a recent international friendly match, the Indian football team suffered a 0-6 defeat against which nation ?
    Correct Answer : UAE
  3. Quiz : Who are Leica and Trinity, who show how to wear a face mask properly in a trending video shared by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital ?
    Correct Answer : Two dogs
  4. Quiz : What star is depicted on this country’s flag ?
    Correct Answer : Star of David
  5. Quiz : What is the name given to this fruit ?
    Correct Answer : Passion Fruit

Amazon Quiz Answers To Dyson Air Purifier

  1. Quiz : In March 2021, the UN General Assembly adopted an India-sponsored resolution declaring 2023 as the International Year of what ?
    Correct Answer : Millets
  2. Quiz : Which country is building the world’s first platypus sanctuary ?
    Correct Answer : Austrailia
  3. Quiz : Which surveillance satellite, built by PES University students for DRDO, was deployed in space to monitor the Indian Ocean Region ?
    Correct Answer : Sidhunetra
  4. Quiz : In which story is this animal referred to as “Kichi” ?
    Correct Answer : Mowgli
  5. Quiz : What particular phrase is associated with this Google product ?
    Correct Answer : Hey google

Amazon Quiz Answers To Win Fujifilm Instant Camera

  1. Quiz : In March 2021, which Indian wrestler grabbed the 53kg gold medal at Ukraine and reached the world number one rank ?
    Correct Answer : Vinesh Phogat
  2. Quiz : As a sustainability commitment, which company made the world’s first ever consumer PC using plastic waste in ocean in 2021 ?
    Correct Answer : HP
  3. Quiz : Who won the 2021 Golden Globe Award for best TV series ?
    Correct Answer : The Crown
  4. Quiz : What is the name of the famous speech given by this icon ?
    Correct Answer : I have a dream
  5. Quiz : The birth of whom is being portrayed in this picture ?
    Correct Answer : Jesus Christ


  1. Quiz : Dulanga Coal Mine recently became operational in which state of India ?
    Correct Answer : Odisha
  2. Quiz : IAF jets participated in the 70th anniversary celebrations of which country’s Air Force ?
    Correct Answer : Sri Lanka
  3. Quiz : Which organisation has issued a Purple Notice to its 194 member countries outlining a specific modus operandi on dating applications ?
    Correct Answer : Interpol
  4. Quiz : What is the name of this character from the Narnia book series ?
    Correct Answer : Mr. Tumnus
  5. Quiz : This player recently made his comeback to the tennis court after a year, playing in which Asian country ?
    Correct Answer : Qatar

Amazon Quiz Answers To Win SONY DSLR CAMERA

  1. Quiz : Stories I Must Tell: The Emotional Journey of an Actor’ is a memoir by which actor ?
    Correct Answer : Kabir Bedi
  2. Quiz : Space Enterprise Encouragement & Development (SEED) is a new initiative by which Indian organisation ?
    Correct Answer : ISRO
  3. Quiz : Which singer’s debut single “Drivers License” broke the Spotify record for the most streams for a song in its first week ?
    Correct Answer : Olivia Rodrigo
  4. Quiz : The method of preparing coffee so as to produce these beautiful patterns is known as what ?
    Correct Answer : Latte Art
  5. Quiz : Where will you find these Twin Towers ?
    Correct Answer : Kuala Lampur

Amazon Quiz Answers To Win Amazon Pay Balance Rs. 20000

  1. Quiz : Which organisation was created in 2000 to improve access to new and underused vaccines for children living in the world’s poorest countries ?
    Correct Answer : Gavi
  2. Quiz : The Samyukta Kisan Morcha recently celebrated February 23 as what in memory of a 1907 movement started by Sardar Ajit Singh ?
    Correct Answer : Pagri Sambhal Diwas
  3. Quiz : What’s the name of the plastic card with alphanumeric codes, that the US president carries with him all the time ?
    Correct Answer : Biscuit
  4. Quiz : Name this classic video game that required you to eat all the dots throughout the game ?
    Correct Answer : Pac Man
  5. Quiz : Which of these countries is this animal native to ?
    Correct Answer : Australia

Amazon Quiz Answers To Win OnePlus Y Series 43 Inches Full HD Led Smart TV

  1. Quiz : In February 2021, which Indian was appointed by UN chief Antonio Guterres as Under-Secretary-General ?
    Correct Answer : Usha Rao-Monari
  2. Quiz : The Mandu festival and the Khajuraho dance festival happens in which Indian state ?
    Correct Answer : Madhya Pradesh
  3. Quiz : Which country recently hosted the 2021 World Future Fuel Summit ?
    Correct Answer : India
  4. Quiz : The celebration of which of these German festivals is primarily associated with this drink ?
    Correct Answer : Oktoberfest
  5. Quiz : Which of these companies founded in a place like this, supplied test and measurement instruments for Disney’s ‘Fantasia’ ?
    Correct Answer : HP

Amazon Quiz Answers To Win Amazon Pay Balance Rs. 15000

  1. Quiz : Dhubri-Phulbari bridge, slated to be the longest bridge in India, will connect Assam to which other state ?
    Correct Answer : Meghalaya
  2. Quiz : Giorgi Gakharia served as the Prime Minister of which country from 8 September 2019 to 18 February 2021 ?
    Correct Answer : Georgia
  3. Quiz : Which car company has launched a Transformer-like robocar dubbed as TIGER X-1 ?
    Correct Answer : Hyundai
  4. Quiz : What are these fruits called after they are dried naturally in the sun without undergoing any fermentation process ?
    Correct Answer : Prunes
  5. Quiz : Which of these following brands have this object in its logo ?
    Correct Answer : Rolex

Amazon Quiz Answers To Win Amazon Pay Balance 10000

  1. Quiz : Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched the Mahabahu-Brahmaputra programme in which Indian state ?
    Correct Answer : Assam
  2. Quiz : The World’s oldest DNA was recently discovered in the tooth of which 1.2-million-year-old animal ?
    Correct Answer : Krestovka mammoth
  3. Quiz : Name the instant messaging service developed by the Government of India as an alternative to WhatsApp ?
    Correct Answer : Sandes
  4. Quiz : Which of the following is not a variety of this dish ?
    Correct Answer : Pita
  5. Quiz : What kind of cells, whose name is derived from Greek, are found in this part of a human body ?
    Correct Answer : Neurons

Amazon Quiz Answers To Win Godrej Split AC

  1. Quiz : Which company has the ‘Vriddhi Supplier Development Program’ that aims to empower around 50,000 MSME’s for growth ?
    Correct Answer : Walmart
  2. Quiz : The Russian Direct Investment Fund has recently announced that which vaccine is now registered in 37 countries ?
    Correct Answer : Sputnik V
  3. Quiz : In which Disney movie do we see this talking snowman ?
    Correct Answer : Frozen
  4. Quiz : Which book written by this US President, was released in the year 2020 ?
    Correct Answer : A Promised Land
  5. Quiz : What do you call the person who serves and prepares this beverage ?
    Correct Answer : Barista

Amazon Quiz Answers To Win Amazon Pay Balance Rs. 5000

  1. Quiz : Hoshangabad in Madhya Pradesh, would be renamed as what, a name to honour a famous river in India ?
    Correct Answer : Narmadapuram
  2. Quiz : The 2021 Australian Open women’s singles title was Naomi Osaka’s ___ Grand Slam singles title. Fill in the blanks ? 
    Correct Answer : 4th
  3. Quiz : This actor turned 40 on 25th February 2021, he won a Filmfare Award for Best Debut for the movie Ishq Vishk. Name him ? 
    Correct Answer : Shahid Kapoor
  4. Quiz : Name this famous waterfall located in North America ?
    Correct Answer : Niagara Falls
  5. Quiz : This is one of the most famous landmarks in which country ?
    Correct Answer : United Kingdom

Amazon Quiz Answers To Win Emporio Aviator Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch-AR11201

  1. Quiz :With an aim to create digital infrastructure for Indian cities, the government has recently launched the NUDM. Expand NUDM
    Correct Answer : National Urban Digital Mission
  2. Quiz :The TGR63 molecule developed by the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research is a potential drug for what?
    Correct Answer : Alzheimer’s Disease
  3. Quiz :Which Indian company has recently raised $1.25 billion through issuance of debt instruments?
    Correct Answer : Bharti Airtel
  4. Quiz :Name the car from this brand that went to space ?
    Correct Answer : Roadster
  5. Quiz : Apart from God, and his son Jesus, how many fingers do the rest of these characters have in the TV show?
    Correct Answer : 4
  1. Quiz : The Jal Shakti Ministry has recently announced that 12 iconic sites including Ajanta Caves & Sanchi Stupa would be transformed into what ?
    Correct Answer : Swachh Tourist Destinations
  2. Quiz : With KV Vijayendra Prasad of Baahubali fame as the writer, which of these is director Alaukik Desai’s latest project ?
    Correct Answer : Sita -The Incarnation
  3. Quiz : Which company is recalling close to 82,000 electric vehicles globally after 15 reports of fire, involving the vehicles ?
    Correct Answer : Hyundai
  4. Quiz : What is the currency of this country ?
    Correct Answer : Krone
  5. Quiz : This animal, the state animal of Himachal Pradesh, is also the national animal of which of these countries ?
    Correct Answer : Afghanistan

Marshall Speaker Amazon Quiz Answers

  1. Quiz : The newly named Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad is located in a sports enclave named after whom?
    Correct Answer : Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
  2. Quiz : Which of these countries has assumed the BRICS chairmanship for the year 2021?
    Correct Answer : India
  3. Quiz : As per an announcement, the first undersea tunnel in India is being built as part of the ……………… Coastal Road Project. Fill in the blanks
    Correct Answer : Mumbai
  4. Quiz : These beautiful visuals can be seen in which country that has Male as its capital?
    Correct Answer : Maldives
  5. Quiz : What is this type of fish called?
    Correct Answer : Clownfish



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