How to Fix Android Auto App Not Working 2023 | एंड्राइड ऑटो एप्प नॉट वर्किंग प्रॉब्लम फिक्स करें

If you are searching about How to Fix Android Auto App Not Working or एंड्राइड ऑटो एप्प नॉट वर्किंग प्रॉब्लम फिक्स करें you must read this post for sure !!!

Hello doston ! today we are discussing about the problem of Andorid Auto App Not Working !  If you are the one who also struggling with this kind of problem then you have come to the exact right place, coz there can be many reasons and point through behind this Android Auto not working.

How to Fix Android Auto App Not Working 2021


You must be aware or not but Android Auto is a wonderful and helpful app which lets you control some of various technical entertainment system of your car and its features through your smartphone Android Version. You just need to connect your android phone to your car and that’s it ! this will apprear on your car display with Android apps show up onscreen. Now Just tap and enjoy your ride on the road enjoy while having experience the features of google like the google assistant, the navigate, the communicate and last but not the least the entertainment.

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If ANDOIRD AUTO is not working, then in this case there could be a various few things causing behind it. Today we are trying to help you with best possible solution so far that your problem of this will be over easily. Since recently after the new updates of Android Auto many people are facing this related problem, some are facing that their Android Auto app suddenly closes and some are facing that they are trying but after update they are truly unable to connect android auto with their car.

Here is some common reason behind the problem of Android Auto App Not Working as following :

  • May there is problem of the connecting cable and wireless connection.
  • There some kind of bug in the android application
  • It is connecting to a some other car
  • Your smartphone or your car may not be compatible with application.
  • There are some lack of proper setup of the application settings.
  • You are received any error white updating the application.

It could be any of the above or more other various reasons for with you are not able to connect the Android Auto app to your car easily. So as of now we are talking about how to fix android auto not working problem with your car.

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How to Fix Android Auto App Not Working / Not connecting Problem

If your android auto app does not work properly, then it may be some of the following reasons behind it, you can check at your side and fix the problem at your hand as mentioned below :

  • First of all, you should check whether your smart phone or your car is compatible for Android Auto App or not. You check the Compatibility of both from the official google page HERE
  • You can also restart your devices of both to check the availability of the application. Because restart will clear some little bit minor bugs and error of both devices.
  • Sometimes this kind problem has been show due to not connecting with cable of the android mobile, you should try to check or change your cable.
  • May be you are using the wireless connection but while in that case also you are getting no response due to your wireless is not connecting, in this situation you need to do some things, check first is there any kind of update notification showing up on the phone it note you can reset your setting of your phone after backup your data and then erase the data.
  • Cache is also one the major issue in this kind application failure, to solve this kind of problem you can go to
    > Settings
    > App Management
    > App List
    > Android auto
    > Storage usage
    > Clear cache
  • Check the connection properly, with Paired Devices you seen that In Android Auto : go to pair device of it and check is any other car is paired with it or not it yes then first unpaired it.
  • May be while update is not done properly so Try uninstalling Android Auto App and reinstalling it again.
  • Check Your Android Mobile phone’s Internet Connection, may be your phone not have available data or your mobile data is not working properly, in this case just open Android Auto then you should turn your data, mobile, off and on.
  • May be at the point of after installing and firstly opening the Android Auto app, you showed some permissions which you have to accept but by mistake or choice you have left any permissions, In this case clear cache and clear the data of the application in the application manager, Then Open the Android Auto App Again and Accept all the permission to work properly.

Most of the time these are the some common errors of while Android auto app not working .

If you still read at the bottom it means you must be liked our this helpful article, we deeply request you to tell us or commenting and if still you are facing any kind of problem related to Android Auto App, we surely try our level best to help and solve your problem as soon as possible for sure. Thanks for Reading.

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