Captcha Necklace Long Arm Smartphone Holder

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Captcha Necklace Long Arm SmartphoneHolder

The lazy neck phone holder is perfect for those who get tired of holding up their phone. Browsing the internet, watching netflix or any other phone intensive task makes your arms tired after a while and it simply is not comfortable for extended periods of time.this phone holder straps your phone right in and hangs around your neck so you’ll get the best view while being hang neck design brings a funny way to hold your phone, hand to watch videos whike sitting or lying, comfortable to wear with soft foam covered for the arm 360 degree rotation,easy to use,support your device both vertically and horizontally product assistance available.


  • Best Selling and Useful Product
  • Flexible and adjustable holder
  • 360 degree rotating phone case, adjust any angles as you like for convenient reviewing
  • Perfect for veiwing phone and watching movie and enjoying music, gps and games anywhere
  • you can wrap it around your car or bicycle steering wheel
  • you can do anything with it as per your imagination
  • One year replacement warranty available all over india

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