Nokia Power Earbuds Lite Review, Specifications & Price

Finally Nokia Power Earbuds Lite have been launched in India after a long time. So today we are talking about the Nokia Power Earbuds Lite Review, Specifications & Price in details so if you are interested to buy this Nokia Power Earbuds Lite then Stay Tuned for sure !!!

Nokia Power Earbuds Lite Review, Specifications & Price

Its time to take clear sound and music with you, it doesn’t matter in whatever the weather you are in with. These Nokia Power Earbuds Lite is coming upto 35 hours of play time. Thes Earbuds also brings the pocket sized charging case with it. The most amazing part is that these nokia earbuds are fully waterproof even up to 30 minutes in 1m of water of use. Just connect these earbuds to your any kind of devices with the Bluetooth features and enjoy every beats of the sound with superb compatibility and control in simple taps as well. These Earbuds Lite area light weight, stylish design and easily fit with comfort But the main thing which every buyer will expect, it delivers crystal clear sound and music quality with an array of stylish colors lights inspired by Nordic nature.

HOW TO BUY Nokia Power Earbuds Lite ?

These Nokia Power Earbuds Lite is available its own website the nokia store and now its also available at the most famous online selling platform of india – amazon. To buy this Nokia Power Earbuds Lite online you just need to follow these steps.

  • CLICK HERE (Amazon)
  • Enter your Pincode
  • Login / Register
  • Choose Payment Method
  • Done !

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What is the Price of Nokia Power Earbuds Lite ?

The Maximum Retail price is showing on the store is 3999 but the Sale price of these Nokia Power Earbuds Lite is showing 3599, which is quite decent price to buy. According to that price these Nokia Power Earbuds Lite are not as much costly enough and quite reasonable as per the sound and quality is concern.

Nokia Power Earbuds Lite Specifications & Features

Well if we are talking about features of this Nokia Power Earbuds Lite, then it comes with various types features and specifications which is making it the most desirable product to every sound lover to buy so far. Here we are talking about the some of main of them.

  • Crystal Clear Sound
  • Tab To Controls Functions
  • Up to 5 hours on one charge Music playback time
  • Portable charging Facility
  • Fully charged case provides 6 additional charges for up to 30 hours of playback time
  • battery capacity 600 mAh2 (Charging case )
  • Available in Various Colors Black Charcoal, Snow White, Blue and Light Green
  • Earbud dimensions are 25 x 23 x 23.8 mm
  • Charging case dimensions are 68 x 36 x 31 mm
  • Earbuds in charging case Total weight is 48.4 g
  • Drivers 6 mm graphene
  • Connectivity Bluetooth® 5.0
  • IPX7 waterproofing : Keep the music going come in rain.

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Nokia Power Earbuds Lite Review

As per our evaluation we find that these earbuds are really very lightweight to use, which is making them quite so much comfortable to enjoy every bit of sound without any pain in ears for sure. It easily fit in the ear without any problem, but yes if you asking about that is it prevent the all types of background noise ? then the answer is probably yes ! whenever you put them in your ear, the most of the noise are go away but just plugged in and rest of are blocked after sound has been started.

The touch controls works quite good enough, at first you might be confuse to use the Tab Functions as the double tap means the volume up and down etc. but within some minutes after the first use you will easily and surely understand how to control this earbuds or device. The connectivity of these nokia power earbuds is one of the most appreciating part because its connects with bluetooth so fast and the syncing and re-syncing is surely really super quick, either sometime you got a call or disconnected the bluetooth for any reason, its reconnected the device immediately which is making this product most aspiring.

Nokia Power Earbuds Lite Review, Specifications & Price image 2

The quality of the Earbuds and Case is also good enough, They are made of matte plastic which make you feel for them the solid stuff. The curving and the finish of the both are very good, specially the material, design and durability of the Earbuds are looking quite good enough at its coming in the price.

Now the most important part of the review which is everybody is looking for, how is the sound !! well to be honest we must asure you that, we found the sound quality of these nokia power earbuds lite are fantastic and amazing. Yes we are meaning it, its not just an optimistic statement, As its said its its such a produce quality audio with crystal clear sound. If you are compare these earbuds with the nokia’s previous wireless earphones, or wired earphones either, these earbuds have more super quality audio and sound efficiency which can’t be beaten for sure.


Alright ! then ! so here are the NOKIA POWER EARBUDS LITE Review, Specifications & Price for you, if you are looking to buy any new EARBUDS or either you are going to picked these nokia power earbuds lite, you must read this post to make your mind for sure. Please Share this post to others also as well and if you have any doubts, suggestions or anything or just share your views and reviews relevant to this just write comment below or share it now !!!

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