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Delhi Crime 2 Review 

By Rahul Bhatnagar

In the second season the show is just more effective than season 1 

The second season is based on the Kachha-Baniyan gang. It was a very active in the nineties.

2nd season of delhi crime is totally diffrent...no need to watch 1st season first to connect the show.

Story of delhi crime 2 is not at all very unique but the treatment of Show is quite very interesting.

The main USP of the delhi crime 2 is the hunting and chasing scene...which makes to super class.

There are various segment of delhi crime 2 where background score will give your thrill

the best part of delhi crime 2 is audience try to thing before police but got excited to know reality

some of the parts of the delhi crime 2 is not good narrated by dialogues...it coulbe be better.

As per the our opinion you can watch this delhi crime 2 for sure to exprience suspence.